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EOIR Announces Completion Of Digital Audio Recording Implementation

The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) announced that it has completed the installation of its Digital Audio Recording (DAR) system in all of its courtrooms, four weeks ahead of schedule. The DAR system is a state-of-theart recording tool designed to achieve a better quality and more easily accessible recording of immigration court hearings.


BIA Publishes Temporary Grace Period Notice for Filing

The Board of Immigration Appeals was closed February 5-11, 2010, due to extreme weather conditions in the Washington, DC, area. On this occasion, the Board will apply a temporary "grace period" for the following filings:

(1) the filing was due on any date from Friday, February 5, 2010, to Thursday, February 18, 2010, and

(2) the filing was received on or before February 19, 2010.

The grace period will apply automatically. No request or documentation is required.


Immigration Law in the Workplace

Immigration Law In The Workplace
Rajiv S. Khanna
(Published in The Practical Lawyer, Dec. 2009
A publication of American Law Institute-American Bar Association


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