Rajiv's News Clips - Visa or extension applications will not be denied outright, under new USCIS policy

Published by: The Times of India  - Date: June 10, 2021

Quotes and Excerpts from Rajiv on the article:

Speaking to TOI, Rajiv S. Khanna, managing attorney at Immigration.com said, “These policy changes are a firm step in the right direction. The earlier policy, that an application to USCIS could be denied just because the adjudication officer subjectively determined the case to be fatally deficient, was a cause of nightmares for the applicants and for immigration lawyers. A reversion back to asking for evidence, gives stakeholders a sense of repose that their cases (which are expensively filed and are crucially important), will not be dismissed upon the whim of an adjudication officer.”

Khanna illustrates: The new policy clarifies that for individuals, a job loss may be sufficient to establish severe financial loss. For example, the inability to travel for work that would result in job loss might warrant expedited treatment. This happens in cases where a driving license is not renewed due to a lack of work authorization.

For more details please see the attachment below.

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