Guestbook Entry for Renata Sagdetdinova, United States

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Renata Sagdetdinova
Nonimmigrant Visas: 
United States

During my immigration processing, I have dealt with many immigration lawyers with rather disappointing results. The Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna stand out in many ways for their professionalism, quality of customer service, promptness of business, profound legal knowledge and expertise, and above all, professional ethics. My case was complicated - I had an I 751 petition denied for lack of supporting evidence and did not have my US Citizen husband's support. So I wanted to get an H1 visa to be able to stay in the country. Mr. Khanna and his team members really helped me with my case by giving me a very sound advise. I found several differential advantages of Mr. Khanna and his team members: They were able to grasp and line up all the facts of my case with no confusion or room for interpretation. The did legal research for my case before giving me legal advise and BEFORE deciding whether to take my case or not. So they do not waste their clients' money. The work that they performed on my case was done very promptly without leaving me up in the air waiting for the results. The work that they did for me left me confident that I got the best legal help available on my case, which is very important as dealing with USCIS and Immigration lawyers can be very frustrating. Overall, Mr. Khanna and his team members saved me time, money, frustration, trouble, stress, and made working with them an enjoyable experience.

Mr. Khanna proved to be the best lawyer I had to deal with. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna to everyone without any doubts. I hope I will not sound too strong if I say - if there's anything that can be done on complicated immigration cases, Mr. Khanna and his team will do the best job for the best value with professionalism, honesty, ethics, and integrity that makes them markedly stand out amongst the immigration lawyers. If I ever need any legal help for my immigration, I will not go to any other place.