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Tapas Mallik
United States

I have retained the services of the law offices of Rajiv S Khanna for my Green card processing/filing. It has been over a year since the process started. In one word I would say the services that I received were "EXCELLENT" I would like to express my frank opinion and comments on some of the experiences 1. Even before the process started, Rajiv Khanna replied to my queries, concerns, questions within a few days of emailing him. This was even before the retainer agreement was signed. 2. LC: I was in a real hurry to get the process going since I had very little time on hand. I found that the people I had to interact with were able to put themselves in my shoes and actually try their best to speed up the paperwork required so that the application could be filed at the earliest. 2. I-140: Preparing ahead: On suggesting that we prepare ahead and have the I-140 application ready to be sent when the LC is received, I was happy with the co-operation, advice and support I received. As a result my I-140 application was sent to the INS just one day after the certified LC was received in the offices of Rajiv Khanna!! 3. I am sure the same kind of service will continue all through the process, and if past experience is any indication, I expect that my paperwork for 485 will be ready to be filed the day my I-140 approval is received by the Law office of Rajiv Khanna. 4. As for the fee arrangement, I really like the payment on monthly basis instead of one or two lump sum amount. Overall, based on my experience so far, I would, without hesitation, recommend the services of the Law offices of Rajiv Khanna for a Green card application.