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Shariq Raza
Green Card: 
United States

I can not describe in words the gratitude that my wife and I have both for Rajiv Khanna and Jitesh Malik. The USCIS denied my wife's dependent I-485 AoS app and we were sure that we'd have to relocate back home. Jitesh and Rajiv bhai handled the matter deftly and we could not have been more pleased with the outcome. They took care of the matter and got us an approval when my old attorney wouldn't even return my calls when things started heading south. I had heard stories of Mr. Khanna being very helpful and knowledgeable and now know that he is the best Goddamn immigration attorney out there who is not afraid to fight for you.

To all desi's [Pakistanis;Indians] and non-desi's out there: Rajiv Khanna is da bomb! Trust me on that.

Thank you Rajiv bhai! Thank you so very much! Shariq Raza.