Guestbook Entry for Raja GP, United States

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Raja GP
United States

I'd highly recommend this team to anyone who needs immigration works to be done. They are highly knowledgeable, know what they do and what to do.

Richa Narang was handling my case and did an excellent job. My labor certification was denied just few days before one of the paper ad expired. It was denied because my employer did not respond to the questionnaire sent from USDOL. Based on Richa's advise we were able to give an ad within next couple of days. She also find that my wage was expired just before refiling. She talked to concerned people and got one for me just few minutes before their COB that day (next day was a national holiday) and refiled successfully late in that evening. And my labor certification was approved within next few days. I had been waiting for several years to hear this news in this country.

I really appreciate and thank Richa and her team for this excellent work.