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Puri Malluru
United States

Hi, My wife and myself received our I-485 approvals the last saturday. Rajiv, Fidelina and their team did great job in getting my GC. I didn't have lot of time on my H1 when I started my GC (right around 2years), but I got my GC within 1year 8 months. Here are my details: EB2 India, PD is Sept 98, LC done in 7 months through RIR, Got I140 in 3 weeks. I485 RD is Aug 99. Got EAD/AP within 2 months. FP done in Oct 99. 485 approved May 23, 2000. The best thing I did is hiring the Rajiv and the gang instead of going through the company lawyer. I saw my friends in my company having lots of troubles with the company attorney, who doesn't have current knowledge of ever changing immigration laws. Great job guys! Thanks Puri