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Prasad Panvalkar
Green Card: 
United States

I would like to thank Ms. Shivane Sharma for her follow up with INS almost everyday for last few weeks. INS has misplaced my file and lost one of the important forms. Ms. Sharma has done a very great job by communicating with INS and at the same time giving me the status from time to time. She is very professional at her work and prompt in replying an email or returning a call. This is another Green card story: We never received any Receipt from INS after filing my I-140. Ms. Shivane Sharma contacted INS to get the status and noticed that INS cashed the check, but could not find my file. In order to track my file, INS told Ms. Sharma to get the copy of Front & Back side of the check, sent by my employer to INS. (INS prints Receipt # on back side of the check and sends it back to the bank) Ms. Sharma contacted my employer and explained the situation. My employer then obtained the check from the Bank and gave the necessary information to her. Ms. Sharma again contacted INS and furnished the Receipt #. This time INS tracked my file, and informed that they have sent the Receipt to some unknown Lawyer in Connecticut. INS also informed Ms. Sharma that they did not receive form G-28 along with the application (God knows how it was lost?). Ms. Sharma again contacted my employer, got the signature on the ‘new’ Form G-28, and faxed it to INS on very same day. Finally she contacted INS again to confirm that INS received everything required to process my application. Thank you Ms. Shivane Sharma for everything !!!