Guestbook Entry for Prakash Chaudhary, United States

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Prakash Chaudhary
United States

Dear Prerna,
Kudos and Congratulations to Rajiv Khanna and his team. Another I-485 approved.
Thinking back, I first reached your office on 31 Mar, 2001 to start my GC process. The team worked meticulously and by the end of the day, mission to
post the application in USPS office was accomplished.
Special thanks to Suman, who when contacted by a team member, refused to allow my application to leave Khanna’s office till it was meticulously correct in all details.
Special thanks to Charu, who accompanied me from Post Office to Post Office late in the evening and finally found one, which will accept the Envelope
containing the application.
Special thanks to Chacko and Shivani who kept me informed of the development when they were handling the case.
And of course, Special thanks to Prerna who so painstakingly, prepared the I-485 (and Travel Document, year after year) and was always so happy to inform me about the developments in the case.
And finally, please convey my thanks to Mr. Khanna, who is so carefully conducting Backlog Reduction Case, which I read with serious interest.
And special thanks to those whom I forgot to mention.
Thanks all. Keep up the good show.