Guestbook Entry for Kathiravan Chidambaram, United States

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Kathiravan Chidambaram
United States

I got the GC, ending the long wait...Even though the journey was long ,the Friendly office of Rajiv S.Khanna(sorry to tweak the name) helped it to be smooth by taking care of all the minute details. I felt like a strong manager for having delegated an important work in my life, to a highly professional bunch and just went on with my life without worrying about anything. I was fortunate to meet many in the group in person.They were even more friendly and helpful whenever I went to their office.
As we all know one of the important topic in Desi gathering is GC and I was always proud of saying that
I am being taken care by Rajiv Khanna and here afterwards I will proudly say that I was taken care off by the "Friendly office of Rajiv S.Khanna"
Above all let me ask Leila something. "Leila, your friendly attitude and that wonderful gracious smile all the that Gods special gift for you"