Guestbook Entry for Anand, United States

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United States

I have no words to describe my heartfelt gratitude to Attorney Khanna and his excellent team for their hard work during the processing of my green card. I had previously filled out the client book when my self-petitioned I-140 was approved. A long time passed between that and the I-485 stamping which warrants me to add something more about Attorney Khanna and his team.
Attorney Khanna and the people in his office are fully accessible and in spite of their busy schedules will contact you within a day if you have any questions. Sometimes you get answers to your queries on the weekends too. All paperwork is efficiently processed and throughout the tedious and time consuming process of multiple EADs, APs etc, not once did I have any problems. They will patiently answer your questions without charging you (which is such a rarity in today's world). I have had no hesitation in recommending my friends and family to Attorney Khanna for his legal services because I know that they will be in good hands, as was I. My sincere thanks to Attorney Khanna's team some of whom, like Diane Lombardo, Mathew Chacko, Leila Lehman and Suman Bhasin, I had the privilege of talking to during the processing of my case. Great team indeed !
Feel free to email me if anyone has questions about the law office of Attorney Khanna.
Best Regards.