How to Read the Visa Bulletin

In the USCIS Visa bulletin along with the Dates of Filing chart for Employment-based Category the following there is a link to visa bulletin info
Purpose of this link:
This page will tell if the Dates of Filing for Employment-based chart is valid or not. If it refers back to visa availability dates chart for Employment-based Category then Dates for Filing of Employment-based Category is no longer valid for the current month of publication of USCIS Visa bulletin.

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Video Transcript:

Visa Bulletin is a statistical projection based upon rules of statistics as well the law. There are laws as to how many visas you can allocate each trimester or quarter. There are many things to be considered in a visa bulletin. Hence visa bulletin is merely a projection. It is not accurate. Normally you will use the dates for filing visa application chart, but USCIS will indicate on that page that sometimes you can use application final action dates. 

The way it works is let's say your date is current in December. Visa bulletin gets published 15 days into the month, so by November 10  to 15 you have got your dates for the next month. Remember your adjustment of status applications should not get there before December 1st. You have all of the month of November to file your application. Dates remain current for the whole month.

Regarding your question normally you will file according to the visa bulletin dates unless the USCIS website shows that the final action dates are different and those are the dates you can use.

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