Should I travel outside the USA/H-1B visa stamping

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I am on H1-B and my H1-B is validating till 2019 and priority date is 2014 and I recently changed my job. I-94 is expired in 2014. Due to new trump gov. Do you think that it will very risky to go to India and do stamping ? do you find people are facing issues in stamping? What should we do if we go for stamping and face the problem? What precautions should we take? Should we go for stamping or not


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If you are not on those list of seven countries, people are traveling and coming back. Overall, I think H-1B visa stamping was always complicated, especially when you work at the client's site instead of in-house so that is not becoming any easier. When you reenter the USA, the government does look at your paperwork. If you are approved to work in San Francisco and you are working in Akron, Ohio they are not going to let you enter. That was always the case. That law hasn't changed. Going to India will be risky. As a precautionary measure make sure your paperwork is reviewed by your lawyer. Make sure all the H-1 required conditions are being adequately met and you are not violating any conditions. But if the traveling is merely discretionary or optional then don't travel. Getting H-1 visa stamps was always a hassle and it certainly hasn't got any easier. More...

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