Reentry permit

My husband is a US citizen and was assigned in kuwait,, so we decided to stay in the philippines while his working there for 1yr. Im only a greencard holder and we are in philippines right now for 2 months and planning to go back states to apply re entry visa. My question is is it possible to apply re entry visa in states and come back in the philippines while its on process or i have to wait till i get the visa? Do you think they will approve my request?

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Reentry permits are granted where there is a genuine need for you to be outside USA for a limited period of time and you have no intention of abandoning your permanent residence. Since this is an important and complex issue, you should consult a lawyer. Once you have done the biometrics for the reentry permit, you can leave while the application is in process. But keep in mind the risk of a denial if you have left. So, do speak with a lawyer.

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