N-470 filing after an absence of one year

I have a GC since Oct 04, I got transferred out of my US branch to India office in Feb 07 and took a reenetry permit. I entered US with GC + reentry permit in May 09 and came back to India in Jun 09. Do I still have a chance to file N-470 now under "Necessary to protect prop rights of an American firm engaged in Foreign Trade", now that it's been it hasn't been one year, since I last left US under GC category? If you are absent from US from one year post GC, does it disqualify you forever for applying N-470? What if I go stay in the US for 1 year?

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From what I recall (read the instructions on the Form) you could file N-470 only if you stayed in USA for one year without any international travel. I see no reason why you cannot do so now.

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