Eligibility for N-470

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In a month I will have lived in the US for one year as PR. My company is sending me to do some work for them overseas.
1. Do I have to eligible for naturalization FIRST before I file N-470? Or is this just for any LP who have lived in the US for an uninterrupted year?
2. Can I file it while I am overseas?
3. Can I file when I come back having lived outside the US for less than a Year?
4. Can I file the application and leave BEFORE I hear back from USCIS?
5. What should my employer write in the supporting documents?
6. What makes my company an American corporation/firm?


1. No, you do not have to be eligible for naturalization.
2. No, you have to file while in USA.
3. No.
4. Yes.

5 and 6 require a lawyer to look over your company's details.

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