Can I file I-140 under EB2 if PERM is filed under EB3

My Perm is filed in October 2008 under EB3 and was audited. As per your current dates, guessing it might be approved in October 2010. 1. I would like to know if I can file I-140 under EB2 as I got my work experience eligible for EB2 category. 2. If I change employer before my PERM approval, will my priority date change? If so, to retain Oct'08 date, till what time, I can be with my employer? 3. Once I-140 is approved, can I change employer or stay for 6 months and then change employer so that my priority date will retain oct'08?

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1. No. PERM application determines what your category is.
2. If your I-140 is not approved, you cannot carry your PD to a new employer.
3. Once approved, you can carry your PD, even if you leave earlier than six months. You do have to start your green card process all over again.

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