Moving to USA on L-1

I am a British citizen with Canadian permenant residency. The US office of my company (I work out of the canadian office) wants me to move to the USA to work on a L1. My wife (canadian) and 2 children (canadian/british) would move with me.I am concerned about 2 things, the first being what happens if I leave the company or get laid off? It's a huge issue since we would have uprooted a good life in canada. Secondly I am not completely sure about the company. Its a new employer and they seem to be pressuring me to make the move. I am worried that they could simply lay me off whenever they want which would cause turmoil if we had to move back and start again.

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I am not sure it is worth the risk, either. You have no right to continue to live in USA if the company fails or lays you off. You can negotiate a large severance package, but that is all the protection you can get.

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