Job promotions during AC21 portability of green card

My I-140 (EB2) approved. Priority Date: 1st July 2009. Wife on H4 EAD. H1B expires in October 2018. H1B and EB2(GC) were filed for "software engineer" position. I got an offer from a different employer, they are offering me "Director of Dev. services". Q1. According to Feb bulletin, final EB2 application date is 15 April 2008. Knowing that dates are so close, I am not sure whether to switch to the new employer and start GC fresh OR stick to the existing employer as dates are close.Q2. If I move to a new employer and take "Director" position, Will this impact my H1B and Green Card, as the roles and responsibilities are different between "Software Engineer" and "Director of Dev. Services"? Does the new employer needs to start fresh GC process for "Director" position?

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If you have not filed your I-485 you have to start your green card all over again. You can get an H-1B for any professional job and getting an H-1B for a director position should not be a problem. When you have to start the green card all over again and you are just taking the priority date forward your jobs can be completely different they don't even have to be same or similar. More...


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