Is it legal to work for a foreign based company in the USA?

My wife has received her L-2 visa. She plans to continue with her US branch of her India employer once she lands in the US and gets her EAD. However for the period while she is US waiting for her EAD to come in, can she continue to be employed with her employer in India and keep receiving paychecks in India, while technically not working for any US based employer prior to getting her EAD?

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In my view, if your wife has come here on L-2 visa and she wants to continue working I would wait till her EAD because I just don't like to have that grey area. I would not want her to continue getting her paychecks. I have had other colleagues of mine say if the business work for which she is working has nothing to do with the USA, they have no clients in the USA, they are receiving no money from the USA, they are not channeling any money through the USA that it is OK to work for this company in the USA while you are getting paid abroad. I have my doubts so my advice will be not to. More..

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