I-94 Given for Duration Shorter than Entitled

On December 18th 2015 I came back to USA on H-4, at that time my old passport was expiring on September 19th 2015 so the Immigration Officer approved my I-94 until September 19. Later I applied for H-1 and it got approved on Feb 2nd 2016 and my H-1 is valid until Ending Validity Date: 12/19/18 with I-94 number in it. I renewed my passport now and I have validity until 2026. Question: Do I have to go for stamping again to extend my I-94 validity? Or since I got new I-94 with my H-1B is that good enough.

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Video Transcript: In this case there is one piece of information missing as in I do not know how long your I-94 was expired, how much is the difference between expiration of the old or the H-4/I-94 that was given to you during your last entry and the H-1 approval date beginning. So if that gap is more than 180 days you should consult with your lawyers or have a consultation with us if you like. But that needs to be evaluated very carefully because that has many ramifications. Remember errors made by CBP (Customs and Border Protection) can be corrected by just going back to the port or one of the many CBP offices all over the country. 


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