I-94 Given for a Shorter Duration at the Airport than the Petition Approval Date

I have an approved I-797A with company B valid till 2018 May (attached i94 with same dates). My Visa with Company A valid till 23 Aug 2017 (old passport). I got a new passport in 2015 Dec, which I have applied after moved to company B. I traveled to India in June 2016 and comeback, CBP officer gave me I-94 till 23 Aug 2017 with new passport entry, because of new passport I-94 number changed. My question is I-94 (May 2018) is on my I-797 is still valid or it will valid only till 23 Aug 2017? If valid only till 23 Aug 2017, How to solve this issue with out going out of the country.

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No, the government wants you to look at only the most recently issued I-94. If it is a government error, then you can correct it through CBP otherwise apply for an H-1 extension like you normally would through USCIS or go outside the USA and come back using the approval that is good till 2018. They should be able to give you a new I-94. More...

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