How far ahead of job or petition start date can I apply for H-1B visa stamping?

My H1B got approved for just 11 months started this October 2019. My H1b is expiring on August 15 2020 and I-94 on August 25 2020. My company will be filing for an extension under premium after February 15th which will be 6 months before my H1B expires. Thinking that I will get my H1B approval notice by end of Feburary 2020 under premium. Can I travel to India during the March 2020 and get my H1B stamping done based on my new approval of H1B given my old H1B is only expiring on August 15 2020. Want to avoid H1B stamping twice if I wanna travel in future after August 25 2020.

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How far ahead of job or petition start date

can I apply for H-1B visa stamping?

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For H-1B the recommendation at the U.S. consulate in India is 90 days. You can apply 90 days ahead of time, but they do make exemptions and I have seen them do it as much as six months ahead of time. Always a good idea to check. My understanding is that their website says something like 90 days, so just keep that in mind. So if you are going to apply for an H-1B you can apply perhaps 90 days ahead of the start date or the petition approval date.  FAQ in detail...



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