Requirements (Degree/Education for H-1)

1. I have heard that for H1B VISA application process the minimum educational qualification required is 16 years of education.A Bachelor’s degree from India is considered as only 15 years of education. I have done an Intensive Diploma in German Language from Delhi University(regular) - one year and Advance Diploma in German Language from Delhi University(regular) - one year.So, ideally a two years regular course from Delhi University - will this be recognised? this is in addition to regular B.Com (H) from Delhi University. Will this fullfill the educational requirement for H1B? 2. How do i prove that i have actually been doing some/all of the tasks in my previous organisation? On my resignation, the company will provide me with an experience letter - but which is a very general one. Does not necessarily include the tasks performed.

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A1. When a person has less than a complete 4-year bachelors degree, then each year of college education that they are missing may be replaced by three years of relevant experience in the field in which they are seeking a job. For instance, if a person has a three years degree in Mechanical Engineering and they wish to obtain an H-1 visa, such a person must have three years of full time experience as a mechanical engineer in order to qualify as possessing the equivalent of a 4-year bachelors degree.

A2. You should let your lawyers decide the best course of action. One option is to get affidavits from co-workers and/or past supervisors.

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