H1B renewal using an old I-140 from a previous employeer

When I was working at Company A I filed for my I-140. Unfortunate I had to quit the company A and join company B. When company B filed for my H1B transfer in 2007, the I-140 from company A got approved and we were able to extend my H1B for 3 years. After a year I had to quit company B and join Company C. Now in Company C I filed for Labor through PERM in 2008 which got an audited once and I am waiting for my Labor to approve. My H1B is expiring in Sep 2010 and my company is not doing good. So if I change a job now, would it be possible to use the old I-140 and Renew my H1b for 3 more years.

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I cannot think of any reason why the same I-140 cannot be used for repeat H-1 renewals. By way of caution, do not change companies until the H-1 approval is in hand.

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