H1 6th Yr - Labor Approved - NO I-140

My Bank(!) has filed for my GC last year (Aug) and we got PERM Labor approved as of Feb'09. However, with everything going on with Banks and Economy in general, my new employer (who has taken over my previous employer Bank) has decided to not file for I-140. My 6th Year H1 is going to expire on May 2010. I explored few other companies where I can join and if they can start my GC. I was told by many of them that they will not apply for Labor as we don't have enough time left now to get my Labor approved and file I-140. Is there any option left for me?

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Getting an I-140 filed is your best bet. If you end up leaving USA, see if you can get a job that can get you an L-1, which then leads to an EB1 green card (usually takes about a year only to complete).

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