Extending H-1B After Staying Outside USA for 365 Days

If I stay outside the US for 365 days and return back on the same L1/H1B,will it reset the 5/6 year limit for the visa? Let’s say i max-out on L1B in Aug 2009 and have a valid H1B petition from Jan 2010-Dec 2010. If I go out of the US in Aug'09 and return in Sep 2010,when I re-enter and apply for H1B extension, will I get 6 more years on the same H1?(since technically,at that point,i would have already stayed outside US for 365 days and my H1B clock would start over fresh). If No,should I apply for a NEW H1B?If yes,will this new H1 be subject to the 65k cap?

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Once you have been outside USA for one year, there are two options. One, be subject to the quota and get 6 years of H-1. Two, if there was any H-1 period left, take the remainder and not be subject to the quota.

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