H4 Visa Stamping

I recently switched jobs and had my H1-B transferred from Company A to Company B. I have all the H1-B sponsorship documents in place from Company B. I am married and my wife is on H4 visa. My wife is currently in India and she has a valid visa and I-94 based on my Company A H1. My wife’s visa and I-94 are valid thru Sept. 30, 2010. My question is, although I have the all the approved papers for my wife’s new H4 visa based on Company B, instead of having her go for a re-stamping can she fly back on her old but valid visa and I-94?

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She should be able to enter with her existing H-4 visa as long as she enters USA before the visa expires. But note that her H-4 I-94 given upon entry would be valid only till the visa stamp validity, so you may have to eventually get the visa restamped, or PERHAPS get the H-4 extended again.

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