H-1B Joining Another Employer while a Transfer, Extension or Amendment is Pending

Situation: Resigned company A already and Got offer from employer B and applied H1B transfer(premium processing) but received RFE. But I have another offer from Employer C as well who is yet to file my h1b transfer Question:
1. If RFE is denied for employer B Can i join employer C with the receipt notice as Employer C has started H1B transfer by that time ?
2. How long one can stay in US without job/payroll having H1B ?

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FAQ: H-1B joining another employer while a transfer,

extension or amendment is pending

Video Transcript

1. The answer is yes. 

2. It depends. Normally 60 days grace period is available for unexpected cessation of employment. As long as your I-94 is valid. But let's say your I-94 is valid for only 45 days you will not get a 60 day grace period. You will get a 45 day grace period. More...


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