H-1B Employer Deducting Money From Salary

My previous employer deducted half of my monthly salary and put deduction under loan in salary sleep. I never took any loan from him or never signed any document. Previously he asked me to pay all H1b expenses in email which i refused and seems like he has deducted amount as retaliation of my resignation. Can he take bonus back as loan(deduction he mentioned in salary slip as loan) from my salary which was given to me in 2016 and 2017? if he can then I don't have anything to claim.What are my legal options considering I never took any loans? is it worth fighting him considering my H1b status and can he harm me with my status or application (which he intend to do as he said in 1 to 1 meeting) ?

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H-1B Employer deducting money from salary

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The answer is No. Absolutely not. Bring it up with the wage and hour division and do it quickly because I think they can go back only one year in time. If you are talking about 2016 it might already be too late for that and 2017 might be too late for that. But it does not hurt to at least to bring it up with the wage and hour division. Please discuss this with your lawyers. More...



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