When to file for 7th year extension (Timing)?

My 6th year is expiring in Oct2010 and my employer is planning to file PERM in Feb 2010. My questions is 1.Will I be able to file for the 7th yr extension before my 6th yr expires, say in Sep/Oct 2010 (even if my Labor is pending and it hasn't been 365 days yet)?Meaning,can they just go ahead & file for the extension but request for the 7th year to start from Feb 2011 (i.e. 365 day point from the PERMfiling)?Or do I have to actually wait until Feb 2011 to even file for the 7th year extension? 2.If I have to wait til Feb 2011,what start date can my employer request? Oct2010-11 or Feb2010-11?

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They can file 6 months ahead of the contemplated start date - as long as one year of PERM filing is over by that date. But you might have some gap where you cannot live or work in USA.

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