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I am planning to go home (outside US) for a month vacation this coming Dec. I have a visa stamp from my PREVIOUS employer that will expire on March 15, 2012. 1. Do I still need to go to the US embassy in my home country (where I am going for a vacation) since I have a new employer? 2. Could I use the visa stamp from my previous employer and present it to my point of entry? 3. Let's say I did not move to another employer, is there a time line when I can still use the visa stamp when I leave&go back to US(like for example, mine is nearing the expiration)?

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1. In your situation, the same visa stamp is good for any employer as long as you have not been out of status even for a day while in USA.
2. Yes.
3. Visa can be used as long as it is valid.

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