Options for H-1 extension

I already completed 6 years of H-1, approved I-140. if I get laid off and change my status to H-4 can I change my status to H-1 after 1 year and still use my previous priority date and in that situation will I get H-1 approval for 3years? If I decide to pursue my further studies and change my status to F-1, and after my graduation or during my study, if I find a new employer can I get h1 approval with my old I-140 since I already completed 6years of H-1 and didn't leave country physically for 1 year. Will it be an issue?

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In order for you to reset the 6-year clock on H-1, you have to be physically outside USA for one year. You can, however, get H-1 extensions continually for any employer if your I-140 is not revoked by the old employer or by USCIS.

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