Marriage in India or in US

I am in US on a H1B and I am having my wedding in India (with a US citizen) in the last week of Dec. I have to go for my stamping when I am in India. Since there is a lot of apprehensions about H1B stamping these days, could you please suggest what is the best way to go here. Would doing a court wedding in US before I go to India(and showing my marital status as married with US citizen)help in anyway - for getting H1B or for GC processing (if I have to do it from India in the worst case)? If my H1B gets rejected, can I go for H1B stamping using the approval notice from another company?

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Having a US citizen spouse should neither hurt nor help your H-1 visa app. H-1B rejection does not mean you cannot apply for H-1 through another company.

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