H1B renewal

I am a foreign dentist with US degree MHA, employed with a dental company as dental tech (DT) under H1B. In 5 months I was moved internally to a Clinical reserach coordinator position. However, my visa was still DT position even after 3 yrs but doing a totally different job. It is time to renew my H1B visa and again they have renewed H1b as DT since the company lawyer said it is risky to renew the H1B under another title as this may be subject to approval. Can this cause any problem for me? I want to apply for my greencard, but because of the title I am still under DT I fall under EB-3.

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You have no choice. When the job changes substantially, you are REQUIRED by law to file an H-1 amendment. Any lawyer/employer who advises you differently is breaking the law.

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