Exploring Other Options During H-1 Transition

As my husband's H-1 expires, we are moving back to India around August/September. I am exploring options to quit my job (also on H1) in the last 2-3 months, but since this is a short period, I'm looking for the most convenient and economical transition. Can you please advise: - Convert to H4: What is the expense incurred and how much in advance would I have to apply for this? - I have a tourist visa that is valid till 2016- can I take advantage of this? - Is there a grace period after leaving a job here (giving up your H1) that I can take advantage of if I time it properly?

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You will need to figure out the filing fees for Form I-539 (used for H-4). You can convert to tourist visa (status) if you leave USA and reenter using the tourist visa. To let you back in or not would be at the discretion of the CBP officer who interviews you. There is no grace period under these circumstances.

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