Moving Outside USA For A Year While H-1B Has Not Expired

I have a valid H-1B until April 2014. I left my employment with my company March 2013 and we were in the process of applying for the GC. I did not have time to find another employer and file a GC application before entering my final year. Therefore even if I transferred my H-1B I still would have had to leave in 2014. Therefore I have decided to come back to England for a year and reapply when I have completed 365 days out. I have 2 questions: 1) Does my time start from when I left the US or do I have to cancel my H-1B? 2) If I go back to visit, I assume I just visit under the visa waiver?

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1. The one year out starts when you leave USA.

2. It may be best not to visit during that year.

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