How to get back to H-1 status?

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We got an approval for a L1 to H1 with an I-94 effective Oct 1, 2008. But the candidate got an admission for a one year full time MBA program which he wants to pursue and join us in August 2009. His MBA program is starting in September 2008. So, he will be applying for his F1 status soon.

Qo1. What choices do we have to keep the H1 approval valid so that he can join us in August 2009 ?
Ans1.  No problem. A few months (upto six months ahead) before August 2009, apply for Change of Status back to H- or a few days before he wants to join, have him go get an H-1 visa stamp.

Qo2. Since he will be applying for L1 to F1 now, Will that automatically cancel the H1 I-94 (to be effective from Oct 1) or do we have to do something.
Ans2.  In my view, nothing else needs to be done if changes status to F-1 now. Make sure he applies from L-1 to F-1 and attaches a copy of the H-1 approval also.

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