H1B Restamping

My visa is valid till Sept,2011. I recently changed employers;have received my approved I-797 from the new employer.Iam planning to travel to India in May,2010. Do I need to go for re-stamping? Shouldn't the employer name on my visa and my I-797 be the same? If not,then what all documents should I be carrying with me to show to the Immi officer at the Port of Entry? Should the employer name on the visa match the employer name in my I-797? My visa is valid till Sept,2011. I recently changed jobs and my I-797 from the new employer has the new employer's name;however my visa has the old employers name.

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Generally speaking, if you have never been out of status, you can travel out of USA and back without changing the visa stamp on an unexpired H-1 visa, even though you have changed employers through a valid H-1 transfer while you were in USA.

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