H1 Renewal Denial/I 94 expired

My H1 visa and I94 expired on 30th sept’10; we filed for a renewal but got an RFE in about 10 days for client letter. Replied to the RFE with client letter on October 29th, got visa denial on November 10th as client letter had project end date of 11/5. Current lawyer says I am ok to stay here 180 days from visa expiry, currently looking for new project with client letter to file for new H1 B visa and then go to India to get stamping and reenter. Am I ok to be here in the country or should I leave immediately? Will stamping and reentry be a problem? Is filing with the same company a good idea?

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In my view that is bad legal advice. You are deportable the day your H-1 is denied. I advise our clients to make plans for leaving ASAP.

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