H-1 converting to H-4 and then (maybe) back again

I have a friend who came to US on H4 & was on H4 for 2 years. Then she applied for H1B from 2 companies (A & B) & got approved from both the companies. She got the project in Oct 2008 & started working for Co B . Now due to bad economy, her Project is ending in January 2009 and she is not able to find any new project. While working she have been paying taxes regularly. Pl let us know what needs to be done now:- * She is planning to go back to H4, pursue higher studies, Changing to F1 & then coming back on H1B work. (H4-H1-H4-F1-H1) or (H4-H1-H4-H1).Will this create Bad impression to USCIS ? * When next time the H1B petition is being filed for her, will her petition be subject to regular H1 B quota of 65000 & will have to go through a typical process of filing, that means Petition being filed in April & waiting for approval until Oct. to work? * If in case My friend goes back to H4, Will Co. A & B will terminate H1B petition as per law? & If in case yes will this create any difference?

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Changing the way she is planning is perfectly legal. There is no question of a "bad impression."

In my view, she will not be subject to quota unless she is outside USA for a year.

The companies are required by law to revoke her H-1. I see no issues there.

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