Consequences of green card holders staying outside the USA for an extended time. Reentry permit protection

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My spouse has her green card from 2014 and she has been travelling regularly to India to take care of her ailing Father.
She had been coming back to USA within Less than 6 months and staying in the US for a few months
and travelling back again. This has has been going on for the past 6 years. In between she got a reentry permit for 2 years which has expired.
recently she travelled back to the US after 8 months and had a tough time with the immigration officer who questioned regarding the
extended stay in india and finally she was allowed in with the regular stamp in the passport. No comments/special notes were made in the passport.She has now applied for a new re entry permit and waiting for its approval.

she co owns the house and a partner in the LLC and has been filing US resident taxes and I have
been working and staying in the US during the entire period .

1) Based on the above details is it safe for her to travel once her re entry permit is approved?
2) Should she wait for a specific period of time before she can travel ?
3) Would carrying a copy of the House title,LLC partnership details and copy of the Tax filing help
in case she is questioned at the Port of entry.

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In a situation like this you should really talk to a lawyer. The key indicators of a situation like this are does she permanently live in the United States. Doing it repeatedly year after year for six years that does not bode well, but with special circumstances, you could make an argument that she never intended to abandon her permanent residence. More...


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