Fraud or misrepresentation findings in visa or petition, what should you do?

1. I am on H-1B visa valid till sep 2018 , I came to India in November 2016 and applied for stamping of my visa here in New Delhi consulate , they kept my passport and some documents and told me it's in admin processing and will contact the client, as I was not working for that client during that time so they have rejected my visa after 3 months in January 2017 , the section they given for rejection is 212 (a) (6)(c)(i) which prohibits the issuance of visa for for fraud or willfully misinterpretation of fact. I check My USCIS online status of my H-1B says that my visa has been sent to the department of state. Will I be ever able to enter the USA ?
2.How to remove this Fraud charges on me?
3. I have a B1-B2 for 10 years in the year 2011, but that passport got lost in the USA, I got new passport from Indian consulate there and then I was traveling in H1-B mostly, So never bothered to inform and re-stamp my b1b2 visa from the consulate in India. How can I get my duplicate B-1/B-2 re-issued

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1. Yes, if you can get a 212(d)(3) waiver for a limited time or limited purposes.

2. Make sure that this is not really an issue of fraud, get a lawyer don't expect immediate results. If you're lucky you might get this resolved in a few months, but it could take years. There is a waiver called 212(d)(3), you can look into that as well.

3. Basically, when you change passport, you just have to go get a new B-1/B-2 stamping done. It won't be a big issue. More...

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