Evidence of Legal Permanent Resident Status

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There have been no changes to this policy.  USCIS does not issue ADIT stamps routinely as the applicant should be receiving I-551s within several weeks. If the LPR status has recently being granted, the only reason USCIS would provide an ADIT stamp is in the case of emergencies and with proof of the emergency, along with a travel itinerary/tickets.For those in removal proceedings, USCIS will stamp either a passport or an I-94.The I-94 will be marked “Pending  IJ Order” or “Pending 240 Hearing.”  The applicant must be physically present in the office to receive an ADIT stamp.  If a person has a final removal order, but the case is pending before the BIA, then he or she is considered an LPR until the decision is final.

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