How Late Can a I-485 be Filed After Priority Dates Become Current

Example Scenario: H1-B EB3. Candidate is in US for 10 years and extending his H1-B using approved I-140.
If a Candidate’s Priority Date is Current can the Candidate file I-485 after 4 years of the Priority Date being Current? Is it allowed without problems? Is there any specific limitation on the timing of filing (like I-485 should be filed within a specific time period after the priority date becoming current)

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Watch Video on this FAQ: Are there any time limits on how late an I-485 can be filed after the priority dates become current?

Video Transcript:

There is no law that requires you to file the I-485 right away, but there could be some issues about H-1 extensions. You will certainly not be able to get three year H-1 visa extensions. Of course, you can work on EAD. More...


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