H-4 EAD filing based upon I-140

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My husband got his I-140 approved from his previous employer. Then he changed his employer and has filed his LC which has NOT been approved yet. His previous employer has WITHDRAWN the I-140.He is in his 11th year of H-1. Couple of questions.<br>
1) Can I file for H-4 EAD?<br>
2) My husband currently has no I-140 approved. While checking my application, will they look into his application and cause any issues to his present H-1 extension?


See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question. 


FAQ Transcript:

Did he get his H-1 approval for one year or three years? If he got it for one year then you might be still able to get H-4 EAD filed. But if he got a three year approval or more than one year approval based upon the I-140 rather than the perm application you may not qualify and in fact the government has said if you are basing your H-4 EAD filing upon the I-140 then the I-140 is withdrawn you are no longer eligible to file the application and somebody asked a question what if my EAD is approved then the I-140 is withdrawn the government has said even then we reserve the right to revoke your H-4. So you cannot file unless you qualify under one of the two grounds. I-140 or one year extension based upon labor certification.

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