Covid Coronavirus H-1B employee furlough's impact on green card and H-1B

I currently have an approved I-140 with my former employer which is past 180 days. I'm on my H1b (exp May 2021) with my current employer, now my current employer has furloughed me for 90 days and asked to return to work after the furlough period. During this time I'll be paid 20% of my salary or could use my PTO (200 Hours). What options do I have to maintain my status during the furlough period? Can I take paid/unpaid leave and go back towork for the same employer or do I need to find a new job?

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Covid Coronavirus H-1B employee furlough's

 impact on green card and H-1B


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First of all you haven’t lost status in my opinion because you can always claim with the government that you are maintaining status and the non-payment of the full salary is no fault of yours. I don't think you can do much during the coronavirus times. Don't worry about status. You have not done anything wrong and definitely you are not accruing unlawful presence. At the termination of this coronavirus period you can continue the same employment, but I would rather have you change employers and get another H-1 then file a complaint against the employer because they have to pay you a hundred percent of your wages. They cannot just pay you twenty percent. That’s illegal. FAQ in detail...

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