Consequences of losing my job on H-1B and revocation of I-140

I am on H1-B and I lost my job 7 days back. I have I-140 approved with Priority date 2015 Do I need to inform USCIS that I lost my job and I am searching for job ? if yes how and where ? How many days I stay in USA and search Job ? My I-140 was approved 8 months ago and now my employer said that he will revoke it , what will be impact on me after he will revoke it I-140 ? Am I able to extend my H1-B, once he revoke my I-140 ? ( my H1-B 6 years are completed) If I will go back to India and search job from India, can consulting companies transfer my H1-B in this particular situation ? or I will face complication ?

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Consequences of losing my job on H-1B and revocation of I-140


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The moment the I-140 is revoked nobody can take away your priority date. The only time priority date can be taken away is if the I-140 was approved in error or through fraud. On the other hand, once the I-140 has been approved and stays approved for 180 days not only do you keep your priority date, you also keep the right to keep extending your H-1B beyond six years with any employer. So180 days is a great time to wait. These regulations changed on January 17th, 2017. Any cases that occurred after that date would have to go by these regulations. FAQ in detail...


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