The Logistics of Porting a Priority Date, How to?

I had a approved I-140 from Employer-A under EB3 category with PD-Oct’12. My new Employer-B filed for I-140 under EB2 and obtained an approval. However, the PD is Jul’18 even though priority date porting was requested. Employer-A has not revoked the approved I-140. Not sure if this is a typo or default PD on the form with the assumption that I-485 can be applied when EB2 is Oct’12.

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Once the I-140 is approved the priority date immediately becomes your property, even if the I-140 is revoked. This law came into effect on January 17, 2017. Hence that date is yours whether or not it is reflected in a follow up I-140 approval. USCIS should be giving you that date automatically. You need not have to do any other process for it. They run regular screening or scans of their system and they assign to you the earlier priority date to which you are eligible. That's the way it normally works. More...



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