I-140 Revoked By Last Employer

I stayed with my last employer more than 6 months after I-140 was approved. My employer revoked I-140 but I can retain my priority date. Now, I am filing I-140 again with a new employer. Will I have stay with my current employer more than 6 months after I-140 is approved to retain my (old) priority date? If I change job after I-140 is approved, my employer can't revoke it. True? Is there any period I need to be employed with the current employer after I-140 is approved?

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Under the law effective from 17 January 2017, an employee will retain their priority date once an I-140 is properly approved, even if a day later the employer asks for a revocation. There is no requirement that the employee be employed with that employer for a certain period of time.

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